Mango-Orange Ginger Smoothie: Hungry Student’s First Breakfast Recipe

1 June, 2009

“Stacy,” you’re probably saying, “what moved you to break out the microplane so early in the morning? And for ginger root!?”

Fear not. The mini workout of grating a piece of ginger into your blender will turn into the perfect way to start your day when you try this zinger of a smoothie. Read the rest of this entry »


Homemade Cranberry Almond and Walnut Granola

1 June, 2009


Heck of a last semester at Rowan, but I am finally a college graduate! This hungry student now has her B.A. in journalism, a minor in psychology and an honors concentration. In fact, I’m now a hungry grad student: I’ll be pursuing my M.J. in online journalism at University of Maryland – College Park this fall! I’ve also been toiling away on, my professional portfolio and blog.

As my inaugural “Hey, I’m Back!” post, I present you with some homemade granola. In fact, as this recipe yields so much, I’d be happy to ship some to anyone interesting in sampling my creation. It’s very tasty, and like all granola recipes, completely customizable. Read the rest of this entry »

Pancake mix: coming to a dinner plate near you

15 November, 2008

Friday and Saturday mornings in the Townhouse Complex are filled with the smell of breakfast foods. Understandbly so, this happens in the late morning to early afternoon. But once all the weary partiers arise, nothing quells the pains of a hangover better than a stack of pancakes, scrambled eggs and some bacon.

And what better to aid in the preparation of said meal than a box of pancake mix.

Well, it may be a weeknight, but go grab that box. I’ve got two one delicious and quick recipes that can be prepared with that mix, sans maple syrup: cheesy garlic biscuits like the ones served at Red Lobster!

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Quick lunch: Pesto pasta

16 October, 2008

Welcome to my kitchen

30 September, 2008

Food prices are up.

The economy is down.

And trekking to the Student Center from my place in the Townhouse Complex for a quick bite to eat has become a pain.

With all of these things on my mind, I decided to cancel my meal plan for my senior year. Instead, I have a $900 check and lots of ideas for how I can better manage my budget while keeping my stomach full. Read the rest of this entry »