Chipotle Curry Black Bean Burgers

23 June, 2009


I blame my Auntie Donna. Lovingly, of course.¬†She came to visit this past Friday for Patrick’s graduation.


When my mother threw some tasty looking steaks onto the grill, she quietly slipped out of the house and picked up some spicy black bean burgers from the grocery store.

Apparently, she hasn’t eaten beef or pork in years. Sticks mainly to chicken and seafood, and didn’t want to have a dinner of rice and vegetable medley.

She grilled up two of the four patties and enjoyed them at the table with us. Later that evening, her and my grandmother left to head back to Maryland. The remaining two patties were my lunch on Saturday and suddenly the container of black beans in my fridge became fodder for creating my own spicy black bean burgers. Read the rest of this entry »



15 November, 2008
cornbread (bottom left), gravy (bottom right), cheesy mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, "company corn," a heaping plate of turkey, cheddar vegetable medley, stuffing and the hands of my very hungry brother, Patrick.

This weekend I traveled home for Jones Thanksgiving. I call it that because for the past few years, my mother has insisted that we have it a few weeks early to spare relatives the holiday traffic.

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Babka photos! As promised.

26 October, 2008

I made another babka yesterday and took lots of photos to make up for my initial lack of them. I even borrowed my roommate’s camera to get better photos than usual.

Due to a temporary lack of a real camera, most of the photos on here – save the apple cake ones – have been taken with my cell phone.

I’m supposed to be getting one of these for my birthday on Nov. 3 (hint, hint), which is what I took the apple cake photo with. Expect lots of food porn in November.

By the way, the actual recipe I followed is in the previous post.

Now, without further adieu, a babka tale through photos! Read the rest of this entry »