When the weather outside is frightful, make challah. And read perhaps too much about bread baking.

13 January, 2009


I’ve dabbled in scratch baking before. You know, the kind that requires yeast to be bloomed or proofed and then for the dough to sit around for at least an hour while it doubles in size. I’ve been able to successfully pull off cinnamon buns, a few babkas and dinner rolls. But this past weekend when snow began to fall, I decided to make one of my favorites: challah!


My family is not Jewish, but my grandmother bought these from a local bakery when my mother was young. They have since found their way into our house. In fact, we most recently had some during Thanksgiving. It was one of the sweet flavors that balanced out the savory in my mother’s stuffing, and it was heavenly.

As you can probably tell from my photos, I started my challah in the late afternoon, finally pulled it out of the oven in the late evening and then sliced it up the next morning and made it into french toast for my family. We devoured it at a rate that did not allow me to grab my camera, but photos of the baking process and a recipe, from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart, await you after the jump.

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Peanut Butter filled Chocolate Cookies

1 December, 2008


This is by far one of my FAVORITE cookie recipes. These never fail to come out looking and tasting fantastic. The recipe itself, which I originally found on The Adventures of SuperWife and tweaked ever so slightly, requires a bit of assembly. But then how else did you think that gooey peanut butter filling got into the chewy chocolate cookies? Read the rest of this entry »

A Hungry Student Thanksgiving, on a Hungry Student budget

30 November, 2008


All the Thanksgiving fuss has finally died down and that means I’ve (finally!) uploaded some photos.

In the last week I have not only eaten yet another turkey day meal that was lovingly cooked by my mother, but also prepared one of my own! That makes it two years in a row that I’ve roasted a big ol’ turkey breast and prepared assorted sides in a Townhouse kitchen. Rowan University students: It can be done!

But how?

  • Momma Jones was kind enough buy me a 7 lb. turkey breast and share some of her spare sweet potatoes when I was home for the Jones Thanksgiving a few weeks ago.
  • A friend of mine surprised me by completing our “Help! I have to cook today and need things! Give me a ride!?” shopping trip by paying for the cheeses for the mac and cheese and dessert fixins’.
  • And my roommate Maggie and her friend Dandy were kind enough to pick up some sparkling pomegranate apple cider to whet our whistles and cranberry sauce.

The lesson here? Make time to cook for your family and friends, and you shall be rewarded time and again. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

A ‘quick’ stroll

30 September, 2008

Quick, simple and easy. I took a stroll through my blogroll to find some budget-friendly dishes. Read the rest of this entry »