Chipotle Curry Black Bean Burgers

23 June, 2009


I blame my Auntie Donna. Lovingly, of course. She came to visit this past Friday for Patrick’s graduation.


When my mother threw some tasty looking steaks onto the grill, she quietly slipped out of the house and picked up some spicy black bean burgers from the grocery store.

Apparently, she hasn’t eaten beef or pork in years. Sticks mainly to chicken and seafood, and didn’t want to have a dinner of rice and vegetable medley.

She grilled up two of the four patties and enjoyed them at the table with us. Later that evening, her and my grandmother left to head back to Maryland. The remaining two patties were my lunch on Saturday and suddenly the container of black beans in my fridge became fodder for creating my own spicy black bean burgers. Read the rest of this entry »


Mango-Orange Ginger Smoothie: Hungry Student’s First Breakfast Recipe

1 June, 2009

“Stacy,” you’re probably saying, “what moved you to break out the microplane so early in the morning? And for ginger root!?”

Fear not. The mini workout of grating a piece of ginger into your blender will turn into the perfect way to start your day when you try this zinger of a smoothie. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a photography book giveaway at ZestyCook!

8 January, 2009

Cory, otherwise known as ZestyCook, will be giving away two copies of “Fundamentals of Photography” by Tom Ang!

According to his review, the book offers tips useful to both beggining and advanced photogs shooting film or digital cameras. It includes 11 chapters which are broken down into brief (usually two-page), easy to digest sections. In short, if you take photos at all, this book should be on your shelf. Check out his post here to find out how to enter!


Read about the camera I shoot with and browse my list of food photography 101 favorites after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanksgiving tips from my Bee

21 November, 2008

After the festivities at the dinner table at last weekend’s Jones Thanksgiving, delectable pies and all, my grandmother and I wound up at the kitchen table sipping tea and talking about her Thanksgiving tips. We were both weary from the meal and trying to soothe our stomachs with some peppermint tea.

All of her tips are good ‘uns, and I figured I’d share as everyone gears up for their big dinners. Especially since I’m still having difficulties getting recipes out of Momma. Don’t worry. I’ll break her down soon.

Anyway, what follows is a transcript from our chat. A heads up: I call my grandmother Bee. Always have, always will. Read the rest of this entry »