There’s a photography book giveaway at ZestyCook!

8 January, 2009

Cory, otherwise known as ZestyCook, will be giving away two copies of “Fundamentals of Photography” by Tom Ang!

According to his review, the book offers tips useful to both beggining and advanced photogs shooting film or digital cameras. It includes 11 chapters which are broken down into brief (usually two-page), easy to digest sections. In short, if you take photos at all, this book should be on your shelf. Check out his post here to find out how to enter!


Read about the camera I shoot with and browse my list of food photography 101 favorites after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


Short sabbatical to stay a Sane Student

12 December, 2008

As you may now know, I am a full-time college student and just as entrenched in studying for final exams as I am gearing up for the holidays.

I began this blog and maintained it to fulfill requirements for my Online Journalism class this past semester. Although I plan to continue tending to Hungry Student, I am taking a break to make sure my GPA survives this next week unscathed. Graduating summa cum laude is within my reach, according to my advisor, and I’m going for it!

I am also eagerly awaiting to hear from The Boston Globe. I applied for their internship program about a month ago, got flown up last Thursday for an interview as one of 12 finalists, and should hear from them before Christmas.

So, I hope to return to you around Christmastime with great news and more delicious food. After all, how cool would it be if I stuck with this long enough to change the name to Hungry Journalist?

That said, please be patient during my brief sabbatical. I shall return to you soon!

Be well,


To ward off the chills

24 October, 2008

In Glassboro, NJ the temperature has plumetted. Scarves, boots and gloves have suddenly appeared on students to fight the cold gusts that sweep across campus.

I’m probably being just a bit over dramatic, but I wholeheartedly despise cold weather.

I DO like hot and hearty meals though. I’ve been in a grilled cheese and soup rut lately because of the cold. How about a look at some dishes I’ll be trying out to warm my soul. Read the rest of this entry »

Fave me on Technorati!

16 October, 2008

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I joined Technorati today, hoping to build upon the momentum I’m starting to gather with this blogging venture. If you’ve got the time and want to keep this hungry student cooking and sharing, fave me.

I’m looking for some recipes to try this weekend, so send me something delicious.


How to shred chicken

10 October, 2008

I realized that since I shredded chicken for the first time with that last recipe, you all might like a tutorial. It’s incredibly easy, and can be done barehanded or with two forks. Here’s the tutorial video I watched before giving the chicken taco soup a go.

How to Shred Chicken — powered by

Welcome to my kitchen

30 September, 2008

Food prices are up.

The economy is down.

And trekking to the Student Center from my place in the Townhouse Complex for a quick bite to eat has become a pain.

With all of these things on my mind, I decided to cancel my meal plan for my senior year. Instead, I have a $900 check and lots of ideas for how I can better manage my budget while keeping my stomach full. Read the rest of this entry »