Stacy Jones is a graduate of Rowan University with her B.A. in journalism, a minor in psychology and an honors concentration. While at Rowan, she abandoned her meal plan in a fit of culinary monotony and never looked back. The new “plan” included biweekly shopping, some trips out to local farmer’s markets, lots of recipe successes and a few truly amusing mishaps. When prompted to create a blog for her Online Journalism I course, she decided to start cataloging what went on in her kitchen.

Her qualifications, if she may humbly call them that, include coming from a family full of wonderful cooks. All of whom took every opportunity to coerce her into kitchen labor during the holidays and other family gatherings. At least, that’s what she saw it as when she was younger. Seems some of that has stuck and luckily she’s been handled the “hungry student” problem quite well. Long enough to become a hungry grad student at University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill School of Journalism, anyway.

That said, feel free to send questions, recipes and stray foodie thoughts via e-mail! Stacy can be reached at stacy.a.jones@gmail.com.

(If you’re interested in hiring me to write an article, blog, take photos or do any other related work, make sure you visit my StacyAnnJ.com, my portfolio and media blog.)



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