Short sabbatical to stay a Sane Student

As you may now know, I am a full-time college student and just as entrenched in studying for final exams as I am gearing up for the holidays.

I began this blog and maintained it to fulfill requirements for my Online Journalism class this past semester. Although I plan to continue tending to Hungry Student, I am taking a break to make sure my GPA survives this next week unscathed. Graduating summa cum laude is within my reach, according to my advisor, and I’m going for it!

I am also eagerly awaiting to hear from The Boston Globe. I applied for their internship program about a month ago, got flown up last Thursday for an interview as one of 12 finalists, and should hear from them before Christmas.

So, I hope to return to you around Christmastime with great news and more delicious food. After all, how cool would it be if I stuck with this long enough to change the name to Hungry Journalist?

That said, please be patient during my brief sabbatical. I shall return to you soon!

Be well,



One Response to Short sabbatical to stay a Sane Student

  1. soulcookbook says:

    Good luck with everything. I had an internship in college with the Amsterdam News in NYC, it was truly amazing and I learned so much.

    See you when you return and happy eating!

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