cornbread (bottom left), gravy (bottom right), cheesy mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, "company corn," a heaping plate of turkey, cheddar vegetable medley, stuffing and the hands of my very hungry brother, Patrick.

This weekend I traveled home for Jones Thanksgiving. I call it that because for the past few years, my mother has insisted that we have it a few weeks early to spare relatives the holiday traffic.

Read on for a photo gallery!

As I recall, it began one year when everyone’s schedule left only one early weekend free in November. So, we went for it. The holiday police are never going to find out that we’ve roasted a bird, concocted some cranberry sauce and made pumpkin pie just a little early, and we’re all just as thankful to slip into a turkey-induced coma after the meal.

I used to really get put through the ringer doing all the prep work in the kitchen. Still in pajamas to spare my good clothes from smears and splatters (but with clean hands, of course!), I’d sit down to a pile of assorted produce. Moving from my seat meant there was a risk of getting in the way of the hustle and bustle, so I usually stayed put and chopped, peeled, sliced and diced. Ronco approached me about an infomercial deal, but I declined.

Now that I’m more adept in the kitchen, mother gets the turkey in the oven and we divy up the tasks required to prep the oh-so-many sides. The tag team effort means that as the bird comes out, about 6 or 7 casserole dishes get crammed in and the remaining 40 or so minutes is used to set the table and carve the bird.

This year, I captured as much of the kitchen magic as I dared with my new camera. I’m still getting the hang of it but I hope you enjoy the pictures. In the meantime I’ll work on snagging some of my mom’s recipes before I have to leave on Sunday.


4 Responses to Thanksgiving!

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  2. Looks amazing! And yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that “okay you’re cute but enough already, get back to work” look a few times…

    You’ve got me in the mood to cook now. Is 10am too early to start baking a pie for no reason?

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