It’s About That Time

This hungry student has hit the usual mid-semester slump. The end still isn’t in sight. Projects and tests seem to be cropping up everywhere.

What’s that mean for my kitchen? Unfortunately, it’s meant some neglect. I had to perform one of these on the refrigerator yesterday. Ingredients I purchased with the best of intentions found their way to the back of shelves and weren’t looking to pretty.

On that note, a word of advice to fellow college culinaries — keep your schedule in mind when grocery shopping. Even if you love preparing yourself homecooked meals, be honest with yourself about how often you crawl through your door and head straight for a bed or couch to recoup.

On nights like these, a can of soup or a hearty sandwich can be sustinence enough to get you through a few hours of homework and into bed with a full tummy.

That said, I plan on trying this five minute microwave chocolate cake soon. I don’t expect miracles, but it sounds promising. Rumor has it that a mother-to-be with a knack for baking came up with this one to quell one of her pregnancy cravings.

Up next — a review of my chocolate cake in a jiffy! After I clean the stack of dirty dishes between the microwave and I.


One Response to It’s About That Time

  1. Alex says:

    Don’t get discouraged! The mid-semester slump happens to everyone. At a recent food blogger meet-up in Philly everyone was lamenting about lost momentum. Last week I had to toss out an entire pot of pumpkin soup because it went bad before I got to eat it. Wamp wamp.

    And SOMEONE we know hasn’t done a podcast in three weeks…oops. But we’re getting back to filming this Thursday and Friday and I was thinking it’d be really cool to have you on as a guest for an episode. If you’re interested, let me know! I wanna see some Jones family recipes

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