Welcome to my kitchen

Food prices are up.

The economy is down.

And trekking to the Student Center from my place in the Townhouse Complex for a quick bite to eat has become a pain.

With all of these things on my mind, I decided to cancel my meal plan for my senior year. Instead, I have a $900 check and lots of ideas for how I can better manage my budget while keeping my stomach full.

Luckily, I come from a family of avid cooks and have a growing list of “must try” recipes.

I began learning how to cook against my will — mostly while my mother was preparing for a holiday meal and needed another set of hands to chop, blend and/or peel. My love affair with all things culinary took off from there, and although I have no formal training, I still have a repertoire of tried and true dishes.

That said, the theme for this blog will be delicious, quick and healthy food at a low price. I’m aiming for dinners that will provide ample leftovers that’ll keep well, and lunches that can be made between classes with time to spare. I’ll also give you a few tips that I pick up along the way, and ask some nutritionists for their suggestions.

Please take the opportunity to comment on my adventures in the kitchen, and suggest new recipes to unleash upon my unsuspecting roommates.



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